What is the right office size today?
What size should my office be? Am I making the best use of available space? What can I do with areas that are not being occupied? We know that these are just some of the questions being faced by companies today. Our time working remotely has changed the very way we work, causing us to reconsider the ideal formula for corporate spaces. 

In our experience, when resizing a company’s space, there are four main strategies that should be borne in mind. The first consists of maintaining remote work as an alternative in the company’s policies and internal organization. Hybrid scenarios could be established where a certain percentage of work time is spent in person, and the rest online. This can vary depending on the specific job position and its attendant duties. 

The second strategy is based on a reevaluation of the number of individual workstations assigned. This can be used to manage different shifts for the use of these stations, thus reducing the number of people present and the area occupied. The third strategy goes hand-in-hand with the second, and consists of increasing the number of shared work points. In this case, it is very important for these spaces to be flexible, facilitating both individual and team work. 

The last strategy is based on the application of a streamlined working methodology that focuses on the creation of collaborative spaces that make highly efficient use of the available area. We call these efficient spaces with different alternatives for dynamic collaborative work “WORKCLUB.” This is perhaps the most significant component of our resizing strategy as we adjust to the new normal. 

At EDDICO, we are proud to present our new HUMANS FIRST services, now being offered after more than a year of research and work with Top of Mind companies in Peru. These include the RESIZE service, which is based on all of the strategies set forth above, with the goal of supporting our clients and guaranteeing the optimal use of every square meter while prioritizing workers’ productivity and wellbeing above all else. 
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