The Workspace Revolution
Revolutions can be driven by a wide range of forces: technological changes, social changes, or new paradigms can lead to radical transformations in society’s structure and governance. From the very start, we have pursued the ideal of a revolutionary workspace focused on collaboration, horizontality, and the wellbeing of those who use and occupy it.

This has been our revolution. We call it Humans First: the constant search for new ways of designing and building workspaces for a new, more humane era; an era in which we have learned that people are a company’s most important resource. That is why it is so essential to put humans—including their wellbeing and productivity—at the center of all decisions.

With this in mind, we have developed our own theory to simplify workspace design and building by grouping together the different work dynamics required in this new era. Nowadays, worklists and traditional offices and meeting rooms are not enough. Today’s working world requires flexible spaces with collaborative dynamics able to quickly adapt to change while promoting innovation and creativity—spaces fitted out with elements that facilitate in-person and online interaction, making efficient use of area while remaining stimulating and motivating. 

After so much time spent striving for the humanization of the workspace, the last few years have proven us right. We are proud to be pioneers in this revolution. We have already experienced it and now we want to inspire all companies to dare to make this change.
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