The Office of the Future
While the home office has already changed the way we work, it is equipped for just 15% of the spectrum of work dynamics engaged in by the average person over the course of a day. Work in isolation or by videoconference from a home office offers no substitutes for the role played by interaction in innovation, creativity, a sense of team spirit rooted in shared values, and of course, that endearing human warmth. 

In the best case scenario, work from home fosters a dynamic of focus similar to working in a private office, along with the ability for online meetings. However, it lacks the human aspect of collaborative work. For this reason, the ability to develop individual work and teamwork the dynamics will be a major factor in defining the office of the future. 

Wellbeing, with a focus on workers’ physical health and hygiene, will be another essential pillar of the new normal. Strategies such as the use of air purification systems or no-touch technology will cease to be optional and become the new standard for companies concerned with their team’s wellbeing. Likewise, the promotion of hygiene and prevention policies will play a decisive role in team members’ physical health. 

Last but not least, we must account for people’s emotional facet, wherein the quality of the space in which they find themselves is crucial. The search for welcoming atmospheres that are flexible enough to adapt to different individual and collaborative dynamics, the use of colors, natural lighting and textures that invite us to use and enjoy what we do, and the communication of the organization’s values through spatial elements will all be essential strategies in making the most out of investments by increasing people’s happiness and productivity. The office of the future will be more humanized, guaranteeing the physical and emotional health of your workers and empowering everyone equally, while offering them the chance to work in whatever way may be required by their day-to-day tasks.
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