Pre-Vaccination Safety Standards
The return to life in society is inevitable in the city. Regardless of vaccination plans, companies are already requiring at least a small percentage of their team to work from the office. However, the experience gained during the pandemic has changed our standards of health and wellbeing. Companies are now responsible for preparing their workspaces for the imminent return of the workforce to a space that transmits trust and security. 

We are speaking here of a cross-cutting sort of security, one for all spaces and all people. The first step is to apply a correct occupancy strategy, using a series of design recommendations which include reevaluating capacity based on a recommended distance of 2 meters between people; the elimination of mobile job positions; the elimination of collaborative stations; the assignment of isolation spaces; the treatment of people with symptoms near a non-primary exit; a sector-based organization to minimize the potential for cross-contamination, and more. 

But a design strategy is not the only thing that we need. It is critical to supplement this strategy with the installation of appropriate equipment that meets minimum biosecurity standards. This includes everything from an air conditioning purification system to the use of no-touch technology in common areas and access points, disinfection stations for each office neighborhood, signs with information and instructions on new practices, and removable elements that allow for physical separation.

In short, it is important for work spaces to be well-prepared in terms of biosecurity and health for people’s imminent return to their offices and workplaces. These new standards are here to stay, because the rules of the game and our view of security have changed. At EDDICO, we have developed our SAFE design and equipment service to cover everything from design and occupancy strategies to the implementation of all the systems needed to guarantee that companies can safely return to in-person activities.
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