Is it worth returning to the office?
According to a survey published in January by Gestión, 80% of Peruvian executives prefer working in an office as opposed to working from home. The article also makes it clear that employees expect their workplaces to adapt to new standards. Offices can no longer continue to be the same as they were. 

At EDDICO, we believe this change calls for an expanded range of work dynamics, from the most traditional to those with a greater collaborative component, with the ultimate goal of achieving the perfect balance. There are six different dynamics that can coexist in a single space: ERGONOMIC, PLANNING, MULTIFUNCTIONAL, LOUNGE, INNOVATE, and FAST. 

ERGONOMIC is the most widely used dynamic for individual work stations in offices. It encompasses everything from open office spaces to individual offices. PLANNING is the group work dynamic for formal meetings and planning sessions. Spaces with this dynamic include traditional closed meeting rooms. The MULTIFUNCTIONAL dynamic allows for the activation of multiple functions in the same space. Spaces based on this dynamic include multi-use rooms and conference rooms.

LOUNGE is a new, casual work dynamic. Spaces based on this dynamic include open, informal meeting areas where employees can socialize, recharge, or quickly coordinate. INNOVATE is another of the trendiest dynamics these days. Spaces based around this dynamic are collaborative, aimed at fostering creativity and innovation. Finally, the FAST dynamic allows for more streamlined collaborative and individual work. These spaces are similar to the PLANNING or LOUNGE dynamics, with the only difference being that their elements and physical characteristics encourage a quicker and more spontaneous use. 

As we can see, the workforce is demanding a change in their workplaces, thanks to the realization that remote work does not offer all of the dynamics their duties require. We at EDDICO are offering an answer to this transformation of corporate space with our new FREESTYLE service, featuring the design and implementation of workplaces that not only foster human connection, but also promote the empowerment of individuals as agents of change, giving collaborators the ability to choose how and where to perform their duties, and thus maximizing their successful performance. 
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